Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Math Reasoning Inventory

Math Reasoning Inventory provides a wonderful opportunity for teachers to assess the reasoning behind how students come to a conclusion when working with whole numbers, fractions and decimals.  Teachers sit down with students and have students answer 10 questions on the given topic and explain to their teacher how they arrived at their answer.  You then record their answer and the reason behind the answer and can make any additional notes about the process of their rationale.  You can create a teacher account which allows you to do the Inventory for up to 160 students.  If you are at a small school site you can set up a manager account and link up to 5 teachers to easily compare results across the school or grade level.  If you were wanting to do this for an entire school or district then you may have to pay for that size of service but is free for single class use or a small number to teachers.  By doing this activity, you are probably looking at around 10 minutes per student per topic for a grand total of 30 minutes per student.  The benefits of looking at how students reasoning when working on math problems may give you insight in to how to best teach your students.  I would recommend this for middle school teachers or high school teachers that are working with students that struggle with math.

As stated on their website the goal of this site is to:

"MRI is an online formative assessment tool designed to make teachers’ classroom instruction more effective. The MRI questions focus on number and operations and are based on content from the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics prior to sixth grade. They are questions that we expect…and hope…all middle school students to answer successfully."

There are dozens of videos discussing the benefits and showing examples of student reasoning that are a great resource as well.

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