Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Google Story Builder

So we were discussing Google Story Builder yesterday during work and how it could be used in the classroom.  This is based on the concept of having two or more people working on one document within Google Docs.  Here is one of the promo videos that was made using the service.

One of the more powerful ways that emerged for use in the classroom that could be used to work on synonyms and antonyms.  You could create a script for the students on a handout and then have them visit Google Story Builder and find synonyms and antonyms for selected words and turn it into learning experience.  Other uses could also include famous moments in time between two people and how a conversation might have taken place.  One could use it as a discourse topic in government to show two opposing view points.  This project works best if you choose two or more characters and having working toward a greater good or having them debate a topic.   Your allowed to have 10 spots for conversations so you have a concise discussion in the telling of your story.

Husband:  I Love You!

Wife: (change the word love using a synonym)

Husband:  (change the new love word using a synonym)

Wife: Although I hate it when you do not wash the dishes.

Husband: (change the word hate using an antonym)

Wife: (Change the new “hate” word using an antonym again)  (then add) Anyway, let’s change teh subject.  Come help me find inspiration for your new book?

Husband: (Change the word inspiration and book using synonym) (and then add) Since your last book was horrible.

Wife: What?????

Husband:  (change horrible using an antonym) (and then add) Sorry (after what???)

Wife:  That’s more like it!

After you have the writing aspect down, they then provide you with theme music to enhance the situation to make it more dramatic as well.

Then share the link and you are done.  There is no way to save your work.

This is what it would look like.

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